Hanover and Elm Grove Local Action Team parking working group has been working on a community-led solution to our parking problems for over two years. Their website has all the background information, including an updated timeline for implementation of the Controlled Parking scheme agreed at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on 14th March.

The working group submitted a Mission Statement and core principles to the council, outlining important features that should be included in a parking scheme that would work for Hanover. Not all of these ideas have been listened to – if you support them, please mention them in your consultation response.

Hanover Action have been doing detailed street audits to see where we could have more trees and planters. A controlled parking scheme would give us the opportunity to make these plans a reality, but we need to tell the council to join up its thinking across departments and include new green improvements alongside the parking scheme.

Bricycles has a post about the implications of the proposed scheme for the many ward residents who use bikes to get around. They also have a dedicated page for each ward in the city, where people can suggest improvements. Comments are welcome on their Hanover and Elm Grove page.

Hanover Community Notice Board group on Facebook. Lots of lively discussions about all aspects of living in Hanover, including parking.