Are you tired of living in a car park?


  • Are you sick of squeezing past cars parked on pavements?
  • Worried about blocking the pavement when you park your bike?
  • Do you or your children find it hard to cross the road safely because of inconsiderate parking?
  • Would a fire engine be able to get to your house quickly in an emergency?

Nearly half (42%) of households in Hanover and Elm Grove don’t have the use of a car or van, but our streetscape is dominated by parked vehicles.

If you want to see a shift towards a neighbourhood where it’s easier and safer for everyone – including car drivers – to get around, cross the road, entertain visitors, receive deliveries and enjoy the area, please vote yes in the residents’ parking scheme consultation.

The deadline to return your consultation form (one per household) is 13th January 2017. You can respond on the paper form or online.

There is space on the form to make comments about the details of the scheme, and to suggest changes.  The proposals are not yet finalised – if you have ideas about how the scheme could be improved, make sure you send them in.

The scheme as proposed is not perfect, but it is a starting point for movement towards greener, more people-friendly streets for everyone to use.

Please reply to the consultation – whether or not you own a car – we all have a right to say how we want our streets to be used.

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