Two days left – what will happen after the consultation?


Hanover Terrace: Is this enough space for a fire engine?

With this Friday’s deadline for Hanover & Elm Grove’s parking consultation fast approaching, the HEGLAT parking working group has received some important information from council officers about why the plans have been designed as they are, and what will happen next.

The working group asked why some streets in other areas (eg Lewes Road Triangle) had narrower space between parked cars than what is proposed for Hanover. The answer was that roads in Hanover are considerably longer than in the Lewes Road Triangle, and that the fire service had specifically stated that in Hanover, they think 3.1m of clear space is necessary in streets with parking on both sides:

During the 2010 consultation within the Hanover & Elm grove (H&EG)area, concerns were raised from the fire service over the proposals to introduce parking on both sides of the carriageway. They ultimately outlined that they require a 3.1 carriageway width due to the length of the roads in the area if parking is on both sides.

The comparison drawn up between the roads within the HEGLAT survey does not factor in the vast difference in the road lengths between those in the Lewes Road Triangle (LRT)  and those in H&EG.  A number of roads in the LRT area were also subject to a historical formal parking arrangement going back a number of years which was drafted into LRT CPZ detailed design.  The emergency services were consulted on the proposals and chose not to comment which resulted in the design there is currently.

A reminder: there have been two serious house fires in Hanover in the last seven years. In both cases, fire engines were delayed by the volume of parked cars in the nearby streets.

The council officer’s email also confirmed that there is scope for the scheme to be amended, before it is finally presented to councillors in March. Of course, this will not happen if we vote against a parking scheme altogether – we will simply be left with the current situation of crammed streets.

Following comments and concerns made regarding the amount of parking available during the current consultation the Council have identified potential further spaces following site visits with the Road Safety team and taking into account the previous comments from the Fire service.

Of course, changes to the design are not certain. They need to look at everyone’s comments and produce a final design in March. But there will be another opportunity for the public to comment on the final proposals in the spring.

However, Residents should base their vote on the proposals within the consultation as any additional parking or changes would be reported to Committee in detail in March 2017 following requests during the consultation (such as more parking wanted and /or requests for one way streets).

If any form of resident parking scheme is approved there will be a further opportunity for residents to comment on the design of the scheme when the formal traffic order with detailed measurements is advertised with a 21 day consultation period in the spring / early Summer.

If you are tired of living in a car park, want more space for community events, or share the concerns of the fire service about being able to reach your home in an emergency, please make sure you say yes and make comments before Friday. The design of the scheme has not been finalised, and your views can make a difference.



2 thoughts on “Two days left – what will happen after the consultation?

  1. Can I ask what the widths are based on. The photo above shows 2.8M, is this the current width? Also where does the 3.1M requirement come from please and how isit calculated?

  2. Comment from a local business:

    Hello George
    Saw your letter and yes agree totally.
    Although we are a business and our needs a different to yours, but these restrictions could spell the end for us and we employ 70 people.
    We are in the process of doing a petition for the local Business because we feel we haven’t even been considered in this consultation and all it will do is drive local employment away.
    Anyway please keep in touch the more united we are the more chance of stopping this unworkable scheme.

    Kind Regards
    Andy Taylor
    A J Taylor Electrical Contractors Ltd

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