I support a parking scheme, but…


Many local residents are understandably concerned about the detailed design of the parking scheme we are being consulted on (deadline for your responses, 13th January).

Residents worry that there won’t be enough parking spaces, and that the particular circumstances of specific streets have not been taken into account in the design of the scheme. The recommendations of the HEGLAT working group don’t appear to have been listened to.

Some people are so worried that they are considering voting no to the whole idea of a parking scheme.

However, if we vote no to the scheme on offer, we will not be presented with a better scheme. All that will happen is that our current situation will continue – dangerous, clogged streets, difficult to negotiate for parents, kids, and delivery drivers.

Happily, there is a way to indicate that you support the principle of a parking scheme, but have concerns about the current design. This is to answer yes to the first question and explain your concerns in the space provided for comments. For maximum impact, also email your comments to your ward councillors and to the councillors on the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, who will have the final say on our parking scheme in March.

The lead officer working on the project confirmed by email in December that:

Members [ie elected councillors on the committee] have the ability to agree, reject or amend any element of the proposals within the report. Should a scheme go ahead, any recommended changes the committee decide on can be incorporated during the traffic order stage for further consultation.

Representations from residents in Cobden Road have already persuaded council officers that the final version of the scheme will retain echelon parking in that street, and will recommend that it be made one way, to allow parallel parking on the other side (an increase in proposed spaces overall). So there is room to manoeuvre, and your comments could really make a difference. If you have already submitted your form but have detailed comments or suggestions to make, you can always email them to parking.scheme@brighton-hove.gov.uk


3 thoughts on “I support a parking scheme, but…

  1. Cobden Road already has parking on both sides so this is not actually a change to the scheme currently being proposed. As has already been stated The recommendations of the HEGLAT working group don’t appear to have been listened to so don’t expect any significant changes to the current proposal

    There is no logistical reason why the charges could not be reduced provided the new area was not an extension of existing zones U or C.

    My point is the cost of the scheme is still expensive. Based on counting houses on the map I estimate around 4700 spaces so assuming 55% car ownership, which I think is an underestimate, this will still generate at least £336K per annum which I believe is the true driver behind the councils desire to implement the scheme.

    It is one thing to be anti-car but that doesn’t mean simply removing the ability to park for local workers in and visitors to the city and not providing any cost effective alternative. Local parking in London road costs £30 per week, £40.00 for Trafalgar street and over £130.00 per week for the NCP car parks. If the scheme is implemented many visitors will simply go elsewhere.

    As I have already stated I grew up in York which is a cathedral city with similar problems to Brighton many narrow streets which were being clogged with cars. The city centre is now mainly a pedestrian only zone and parking not a problem due to 6 park and ride scheme being created on the outskirts with capacity for just short of 5 thousand cars allowing visitors to park for free a get a bus into town. Park and Ride schemes are possible as they exist already for match-days at the new community stadium. 3 sites at Mill Road, Brighton racecourse, The University and Mill Road allow fans to park and get a bus to stadium

    If the council is truly committed to reducing traffic volumes in the centre of Brighton then Park and Ride schemes are something they should be looking at for Brighton.

    In addition if the old Amex building currently being demolished were to become a car park much of the local problems would largely disappear.

  2. Dear George,
    There is a vehicle that is parked directly outside our house that has not moved for 2 months. I don’t know whose vehicle it is, or why it is there, but it is clearly not in use, just left there. Taking up space for free on our street, while people can’t find a space when they get home for work,or when they want to visit someone on our street, or park to unload their shopping etc etc.

    It’s far from the only vehicle in Hanover which is more or less someone’s extra car. Just left there, until they perhaps need it one day. Or come back from their holiday. Or get it fixed.

    I understand your concern that fewer spaces may lead to some residents and workers finding it difficult to find a space, but that is already the case. I believe that a CPZ will more likely lead to our streets looking nicer, being safer, and not being the last free car park in Brighton.

    I really hope that residents vote in favour of putting in a CPZ, as without it, I can’t see our streets improving. With it, I’m sure your input and ideas towards arranging parking on our streets and reducing car usage/ ownership would be very valuable. But if we vote NO, then all I can forsee is the situation getting worse.

    And so the choice, as I see it is – vote YES and the situation could get better. Vote NO and it won’t.

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