A rare chance to declutter our streets

The debate on a controlled parking scheme for Hanover & Elm Grove continues, with speculative figures flying around all over the place.

We can’t know if it will be easier to park if we go for a CPZ, but we know for sure that it will only get harder if we don’t.

Posters that have appeared recently in Scotland Street make this point very clearly.


Compare the current clogged state of our streets with the openness of nearby controlled parking areas:


If we don’t support a CPZ in this consultation, we might have to wait years before the situation can be looked at again. There has never been a campaign in the city to remove a CPZ once it has been introduced. Here’s why:


Feel free to share these images on social media, or print them out to use as a window poster or leaflet for your street.

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2 thoughts on “A rare chance to declutter our streets

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  2. The Poster makes a compelling case. The issue is clearly a lack of available parking for both visitor to and workers in the local area but is controlled parking the only option?

    I grew up in York where similar problems existed with heavy traffic in the ancient city walls and roads clogged by cars. Now much of the city centre is pedestrianized and local parking in a similar distance to Hanover from city centre is free and easy. This has been achieved because the council created six large park and ride schemes on the outskirts with capacity close to 4000 vehicles. This enables visitors and local workers to park for free and get the bus into the city.

    A similar strategy in Brighton could well remove the need for controlled parking. If the council is serious about reducing the congestion in the city then park and ride schemes should be considered. Brighton depends heavily on tourism and preventing people from parking will mean people will simply go elsewhere.

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