How can businesses and residents become better neighbours?

Simon from Islingword place sent in these pictures of cars obstructing the corner of Islingword Place and Islingword Road, parking on double-yellow lines, double-parking on the opposite side of Islingword Road, and dangerously blocking the narrow entrance to Islingword Place.

This is a regular occurrence in the late afternoon/early evening, because there is nowhere safe for customers of Smoque Grill to stop for a minute and pick up their takeaways.

The overcrowding of parked cars on our streets brings needless conflict between residents and businesses. The CPZ consultation is a chance for us to work out as a community how we can share our streets better.

Hanover & Elm Grove Local Action Team asked the council to include pay and display bays near businesses in any proposed CPZ scheme, in order to ease this kind of problem. A CPZ would also enable more enforcement of existing yellow lines.

If the council’s proposals don’t include loading bays and/or pay & display bays for businesses near you, make sure you include them in your consultation response.


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