Say yes to residents’ parking!


Our narrow streets can’t cope with a parking free-for-all. A residents’ parking scheme would be better for everyone:

  • Better for drivers – no need to circle the area for ages looking for a parking spot. Community surveys have shown there will be enough spaces for residents to park.
  • Better for kids – quieter, emptier streets, more space to play, safer to cross the roads.
  • Better for businesses – easier deliveries, customers and visitors can park in short-term spaces.
  • Better for the community – more space for trees, benches and community events. Easier access for online shopping deliveries, recycling vehicles and emergency services.
  • Better for the environment – fewer people driving around and around trying to find a space to park  =  less pollution. Streets that are safer and more inviting will encourage more people to walk or cycle to school and work. If our area is no longer advertised online as a free car park for visitors, then maybe some of them will travel by public transport instead.

The council’s scheme isn’t perfect and they still haven’t listened to residents over street improvements that need to go in alongside the parking scheme, like dropped kerbs, cycle parking and street trees.

Your vote counts – each household has one vote, whether or not you have a car. The CPZ consultation affects everyone who lives here. Vote if you walk to school, use a bus, bike or pram, have mobility problems or can’t find a space to park.

Say yes in the consultation and tell them what’s important to you!

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2 thoughts on “Say yes to residents’ parking!

  1. I am extremely concerned at the number of incidents involving cars driving along the pavement on Elm Grove
    1. a young girl and her mother walking down the pavement on Elm Grove and a car started to drive up along the pavement straight towards them, the young girl screamed – thinking the car was going to run them over – the car did not stop but carried on driving until just in front of the young girl and her mother.
    2. A silver coloured car drove at speed, reversing, along the pavement, towards the Elm Grove cafe – in order to get onto the road; this involved reversing towards the corner – antone could have been walking out of the cafe or a child could have been scooting up the side road on to the Elm Grove pavement next to the cafe. The driver was reversing by looking in his mirror and not looking over his shoulder – and when i say reversing at speed I mean at speed – i am not exagerating.
    3. I t was a dark winter evening and I was walking up Elm Grove on the pavement and happened to be gazing in a shop window as i walked up the pavement. I suddenly saw a set of red lights right in front of me – and i shouted out – thinking i was about to be run over. The car driver shouted back at me that I should be looking where i was going!. I was wearing dark clothing – assuming it is not neccessary to wear high vis just for walking along the pavement – the car was black – and i wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t been for the red lights.

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