Remember when our streets were community spaces?


A 1978 street party in Ewart Street.
Photo from

Not that long ago, Hanover was a place where a whole street could easily be cleared for a street party.

Even ten to fifteen years ago, Washington and Coleman Streets were regularly clear of cars for the annual Hanover Day celebration.

The community was never consulted on the shift from streets as communal spaces to streets as primarily storage areas for cars. Nobody took the decision to make that change – it just happened as a result of many individual choices.

Now we have a chance to make a democratic, community decision about how our streets should be used. Let’s restore some balance and open our streets up as a space where we can again celebrate our special community.

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One thought on “Remember when our streets were community spaces?

  1. Please say no to controlled parking in Hanover. The main issue for my house, and there must be many others in the same position, is that there is no guarantee of a second permit per household. My housemate and I a both self employed and NEED a vehicle each. There’s no way around it, if we couldn’t park here, we would have to move away from a life we’ve established for ourselves here at great expense, upheaval and stress because as our situation stands it’s going to be very difficult to find somewhere else to fulfil all our needs. An argument for the scheme suggests it is to guarantee residents a space to combat the struggle of spending ages finding one and parking far away occasionally, well a huge reduction in spaces is simply NOT going to achieve that. People will face the same parking problem whilst this time paying for the privilege. Don’t forget, as the council leaflet admits itself, the problem is due to the parking schemes in surrounding areas in the first place. The council have created a problem and expect us to pay and suffer for it. Walk around queen’s park, there’s loads of houses with driveways and yet there’s controlled parking bays with hardly and cars in! They have forced more cars into Hanover. You only have to go out at night to realise that the cars parked here ARE mostly from residents, people parking for work would have gone and it’s still busy. Even so, many people won’t be able to commute to Brighton anymore. If there were less parking schemes, Hanover wouldn’t have to bare the brunt of the issue. I can’t even afford yet another tax on my life, I already pay my road tax to park on the road. The visitor’s permit scheme is unbelievable. It effectively is restricting our freedom, telling us how many visits we’re allowed per year. We all work very hard for our livings, to have freedom and to pay for a house with which we can do as we please and now all of a sudden I have to share 50 visits with my housemate every year? So I’m allowed a visitor for one day less than once every other week. Well no, that’s simply not on! What about those with partner’s who visit regularly or close friends and family that stay a lot? This will affect people’s relationships and the way they live their lives. For residents without cars who feel that the roads would also look nicer without as many cars on, maybe they would, but is that really as important an issue as other people not actually being able to live here and uproot their entire life? As people struggling to pay the bills being given another annual expense to not even get a space anyway? To having the council dictate how many times you’re allowed to have friends and family visit you? I’ve heard people say they want the roads for the community back. I’m sorry but Brighton has an abundance of parks and other areas for community gatherings, the curb isn’t the place to be socialising anyway. You show a picture of a street party as argument for this. I’m more than happy to park a walk away for these events every so often but if new restrictions come in, people like me won’t be able to live here to attend such events anyway

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