What if we needed a fire engine?

fire-engineIn 2015, a local resident nearly died when firefighters couldn’t reach his house quickly because of parked cars.

Because the fire engine was delayed, the inhabitant of the house had to be rescued by a passer-by. The fire brigade were quoted in the Argus report of the incident as follows: ” Mark Matthews, borough commander for the city, said areas of Brighton and Hove such as Hanover, Lewes Road, and Kemp Town can represent “real challenges regarding access”.

He said: “As an emergency service we are committed to providing lifesaving services as quickly as possible and therefore a timely response is crucial and we therefore ask that the public pay particular attention to parking restrictions in these areas as the restrictions are partly in place to secure this vital access of emergency services.”

In 2010, fire destroyed a boy’s bedroom in Toronto Terrace. The fire engine was unable to reach the house and firefighters had to run down the street with hoses. The Argus quoted the crew manager as follows: “Yesterday Brighton crew manager Mark Rose criticised the owners of cars parked either side of Hanover’s narrow roads which saw the crew unable to park their appliance close to the house.

He said: “Because there were so many cars parked either side we were unable to reach the house.

“Obviously this was a very serious fire and it is very worrying we had to leave our truck far away to reach the family. We used three breathing apparatus and initial reports suggested Jack was unaccounted for.

“Something needs to be done about this.”

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